Longmore Lab Personnel


Greg Longmore, Director

Professor of Medicine and Cell Biology and Physiology

Our fearless leader aka Boss! As a good Canadian, Greg loves to play hockey. Former collegiate football player, he somehow survives on instant soup, orange snacks and animal crackers.

Audrey Brenot

Instructor, Department of Medicine

My research interests are in the relationship between developing breast cancer and their microenvironment. My current projects are focused on the role of the collagen receptor DDR2 in angiogenesis and immunity in the context of breast cancer. Outside the lab, I enjoy traveling, watching movies, cooking, reading, various crafts and my cat!

Craig Barcus

Postdoc Research Associate

My research interests focus on tumor and tumor-associated stromal cell interactions with the extracellular matrix that lead to metastasis. I am currently investigating the role of kinase-independent actions of the collagen receptor DDR2 and the matricellular protein family CCN in breast cancer progression. At home, I enjoy working on my house, landscaping and gardening, playing with my dogs, and participating in competitive archery tournaments.

MK Sewell-Loftin

Postdoc Research Associate

My project is focused on using microfluidic platforms to study biomechanical forces in the tumor microenvironment. More specifically, I am interested in how cancer associated fibroblasts (CAF) mechanical activity regulates angiogenesis and tumor progression. In my spare time, I enjoy singing a capella music and watching cartoons with my cat.

Priscilla Hwang

Postdoc Research Associate

My research interests lie in investigating mechanisms of tumor metastasis using tumor-on-a-chip microfluidic model systems. More specifically, I am interested in understanding how cell-cell and cell-matrix interactions impact collective tumor cell migration. Outside the lab, I enjoy crafting, watching Duke basketball, and checking out new restaurants with friends and family.

Julien Lesage

Postdoc Research Associate

Coming from France where I graduated from a PhD program from the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne, I joined the Longmore lab early 2018. My work is focused on DDR2 signaling pathways in cancer-related fibrosis and hypoxia. Beside working in the lab, I enjoy discovering the US and I like to treat my colleagues by cooking for them to thank them for their great kindness in helping me feeling at home in St Louis.

Whitney Grither

Graduate Student, Biochemistry 2019

My research interests involve identifying pathways involved in ovarian cancer metastasis, and uncovering the mechanisms by which ovarian cancer cells interact with their unique environment. I am currently characterizing targets identified from a functional RNAi screen of ovarian cancer metastasis, with the goal of understanding at a molecular level how certain proteins facilitate the spread of the disease. In my free time, I enjoy running, biking, and hanging out with my dogs!

Daphne Cornish

Research Technician

I am investigating the role of collagen receptors DDR1 and DDR2 in epithelial-mesenchymal transition and metastasis. Additionally, I maintain our colony of breast cancer model mice. When I'm not in the lab, you can find me reading, playing cello, or cross-stitching.

Patrick Pence

Undergraduate Student

Mentor: Craig Barcus

Joshua Katz

Undergraduate Student

Mentor: MK Sewell-Loftin

Ashley King


Mentor: Priscilla Hwang


Longmore Lab Alumni

Aki Harada (Mikami), PhD Cell Biology 1998

Aimee Payne MD/PhD Molecular Cell Biology 1994-97

Diana Beckman PhD 1994-96

Rakesh Goyal MD, 1994-98

Jyotshna Kanungo PhD 1998-2000

Iva Afrikanova PhD 1999-01

Stephan Pratt, PhD Developmental Biology 2004

Brandon Hadland, MD/PhD Molecular Cell Biology 2006

Arthur Young, MD/PhD Molecular Cell Biology 2004

Ellen Langer, PhD Molecular Cell Biology 2007

Hilary Luderer, PhD Molecular Cell Biology 2007

Holly Epple, PhD Molecular Cell Biology 2007

Michael Ward, MD/PhD Neurosciences 2007

Shannon Alford, PhD Biomedical Engineering 2008

Steven Warner, MD/PhD Molecular Cell Biology 2009

Meghna Das Thakur, PhD Genetics 2010,

David Tran MD/PhD 2008-11

Yunfeng Feng PhD 2003-13

Radhika Jagannathan MD/PhD Molecular Cell Biology 2013

Hanako Yashiro, PhD Developmental Biology 2014

Kun Zhang PhD 2009-2015

Hirak Biswas, PhD Molecular Cell Biology 2016

Callie Corsa, PhD Molecular Cell Biology 2015

Andrew Loza, MD/PhD Biophysics 2018

Greg Schimizzi, MD/PhD Molecular Cell Biology 2018

Samantha Bayer, MD/PhD Molecular Cell Biology 2019