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May 18th 2019: Congratulations to Priscilla and Chris! Wishing you all the best with your new baby on the way!



Who is that baby?: Figure out who is who in that baby gallery: MK, Priscilla, Daphne, Audrey, Julien, Craig, Emily

May 17th 2019: Congratulations to Sam Van Hove Bayer, MD PhD and Whitney Grither MD PhD!


April 2019: Greg is coming back from his yearly hockey tournament so we made sure his office was ready! Happy Birthday Greg!


March 2019: Trivia night at iTap. Our team won one round. Go Greg's geeks!


March 2019: One queen for French King Cake and one king for New Orleans King Cake


February 2019: French Dinner!


January 2019: Yearly hockey "tournament"


December 2018: Chocolate tasting to warm up for the Holiday season!


December 2018: Ready for the holidays! Boss has been “doored” again! (A bag of animal crackers a day keeps the doctor away?)


November 2018: Representing the Longmore Lab: Winner of the dessert cook off!!! Congrats Julien!


November 2018: Halloween in the lab.. Enough said


October 2018: Our own Dr Priscilla Hwang in the news! Congrats on your grant!


September 2018: Well deserved break at The Cup


August 2018: Greg is back. The door is ready for him.


July 2018: Escape the room


April 2018: Greg was "doored" for his birthday (each letter is a bag of soup, his favorite lunch)