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February 2023: First Hockey game for most of the humans from Longmore lab. LET'S GO BLUES!


January 2023: The Division of Oncology 27th Annual Holiday Party: Longmore and Weber lab teamed up to have fun.


February 2022: The winter party finally happened! We had fun killing zombies and we all competed in a very close race to win the #1 Racer Longmore Lab 2022 trophy creatively made by Bre.


July 2021: Sadly, Maria is leaving us... but to celebrate her time in the lab and wish her the best of luck in Med School, cardboard Greg has hosted a tacos party at his place!


August 2020: Not much 'Lab Fun' since the pandemic started but we needed to do something to thank Daphne for her hard work in the lab the last two years and to wish her the best of luck in Grad School. So, we threw (a social distancing) farewell party for her. And above all, she got the hockey puck from Greg - the lab tradition is saved!


HAPPY HALLOWEEN 2019 to all the children at heart!


October 2019: The Pink Microwave: A custom-made gift from the lab to wish good luck to Priscilla who's starting her own lab. If you're interested to get your own, contact us! (just kidding).


July 22nd 2019: Painting with a twist. An afternoon of painting and wine to unleash our creative side.


May 18th 2019: Congratulations to Priscilla and Chris! Wishing you all the best with your new baby on the way!



Who is that baby?: Figure out who is who in that baby gallery: MK, Priscilla, Daphne, Audrey, Julien, Craig, Emily

May 17th 2019: Congratulations to Sam Van Hove Bayer, MD PhD and Whitney Grither MD PhD!


April 2019: Greg is coming back from his yearly hockey tournament so we made sure his office was ready! Happy Birthday Greg!


March 2019: Trivia night at iTap. Our team won one round. Go Greg's geeks!


March 2019: One queen for French King Cake and one king for New Orleans King Cake


February 2019: French Dinner!


January 2019: Yearly hockey "tournament"


December 2018: Chocolate tasting to warm up for the Holiday season!


December 2018: Ready for the holidays! Boss has been “doored” again! (A bag of animal crackers a day keeps the doctor away?)


November 2018: Representing the Longmore Lab: Winner of the dessert cook off!!! Congrats Julien!


November 2018: Halloween in the lab... Enough said


October 2018: Our own Dr Priscilla Hwang in the news! Congrats on your grant!


September 2018: Well deserved break at The Cup


August 2018: Greg is back. The door is ready for him.


July 2018: Escape the room


April 2018: Greg was "doored" for his birthday (each letter is a bag of soup, his favorite lunch)