DeNardo Lab Personnel

Current Members

David DeNardo, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Department of Medicine

David G. DeNardo, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Department of Medicine




Brett Knolhoff

Research Associate



Melissa Meyer DeNardo Lab

Melissa Meyer

Graduate Student, Molecular Cell Biology


Tumor-induced changes in dendritic cell differentiation  

Hong Jiang

Hong Jiang, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellow


Therapeutic targeting of oncogenic pathways to improve checkpoint immunotherapy 


Samarth Hegde

Graduate Student, Molecular Cell Biology


Dysfunctional CD8 T cell immune surveillance in developing pancreatic cancer

John Herndon

Staff Scientist


Scientific collaborations within university and outside, using reagents and techniques for targeted immunotherapy 


Chong Zuo

Graduate Student, Molecular Cell Biology


Macrophage proliferation control and pancreatic cancer


Roheena Panni, M.D.

Surgical Oncology Research Fellow  


Reprogramming tumor microenvironment in pancreatic cancer


John Baer

Graduate Student, Molecular Cell Biology 


Understanding origin-specific contributions of macrophages to tumorigenesis


Varintra Krisnawan

Graduate Student, Immunology MSTP



Katherine Alexander

Undergraduate Research Assistant



James Bond RX

Resident immunostaining agent



Yu Zhu DeNardo Lab

Yu Zhu, Ph.D.

Graduate Student, Molecular Cell Biology (2017)

Ontogeny of macrophages in pancreatic cancer

Current Position: Postdoctoral scholar, Stanford University